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SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader Swipe
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December 2013 not only witnessed the relaunch of VITAL magazine from JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG publishing house, but also its first appearance in the digital sector beyond the simple tablet adaptation of the printed version. So how can the VITAL brand be expanded for mobile end devices with a standalone app for a new target group on smartphones (Android and iOS)? The core of the app was to consist of ideas and tips from the printed edition of VITAL; for every day and everywhere.


The app has a friendly, accessible and attractive design. It meets the user at eye level – just like a good friend. It gradually encourages and motivates the user to approach their own sense of well-being.

The app changes constantly since tips are updated every day by a back-end database operated by the editorial team. A visual sense of achievement is represented to the user in the form of a flower. With every redeemed tip, it opens a little more. Other incentives have been added as an additional reward.


Every tip counts – every level and every hurdle is rewarded with beautiful little animations.


The aim was to create a feminine, organic and lively experience. The result is an abstract interpretation of a flower that changes colour and shape depending on the user’s VitaLevel.


The VitaLevel consists of several layers. The new UIKit Dynamics (iOS7) have been employed with a subtle parallax effect. Suspended particles lend the flower a magical appearance.

Selecting Tips

Tips can be selected easily and intuitively and filtered by Vital categories.

Sorting Tips

Tips can be sorted by alphabet, date, category, place and score. Favourites can be used to enable subsequent access to the user’s top tips.

SinnerSchrader Swipe was the perfect partner for our demanding project. Our requirements were always implemented to the highest standard and enhanced with fantastic ideas.

Dr. Ingo Kohlschein

Director of Women's Magazines, Jahreszeiten Verlag