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The Red Bulletin - the app
Concept & Design
SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader Swipe


In the first stage we digitalised The Red Bulletin with a new site and a specially developed CMS. The user experience had to do justice to the brand and the breathtaking stories from the world of Red Bull, and the CMS had to be as easy as possible for the editors to use.

The site already had a responsive layout, nevertheless it was essential that in the second stage we focused on bringing the magazine to mobile devices. Optimised for smartphones and tablets, based on the new design language but keeping some key elements and country-specific versions.


Outstanding content deserves outstanding presentation. It quickly became apparent that the only appropriate mobile solution for The Red Bulletin was a state-of-the-art native app. Only iOS coding could create a user experience as comfortably fluid, intuitive and memorable as the current solution. Without making things over-elaborate, we’ve used a lot of effects for this.

In contrast to the site, which mirrors the printed magazine 100%, here the content is specially curated. The app is updated daily, thus becoming leaner and faster, with the content also available offline.

All these properties are valued and appreciated by the target mobile audience. Which brings us to the aims of the brand: do they want to be present on smartphone homescreens, or as a bookmark in a browser?


Video using the paternoster principle (described above) for scrolling, and the subtle video backgrounds on the start page.

User Experience

Autopan and parallax effects, autoplay for the videos, rubberbanding and further effects create a unique feel.


The work was done with a specially developed keyframe animation system. “Reveal” was the tool of choice for visual debugging.