Sound was never cross-linked better.

Multiroom Entertainment App
SinnerSchrader Swipe
Design & Programming
SinnerSchrader Swipe
iOS, Android


The goal was an app granting the musical experience total freedom. An app that doesn’t just show the central control element, but also reflects the high quality of the loudspeaker system – Raumfeld as forerunner of the unblocked sound of the future.
The integration of own music libraries, their playlists and all streaming services was desired, just as was the option of selecting individual single loudspeakers. In short: the sound was to become a working wonder, wireless and entirely without hurdles along the way.


Sounds good: a user interface becomes a music experience. The completely revamped and reprogrammed app manages just this. From the intuitive navigation to the clear design tailored to the HiFi system. The Multiroom Management sets new standards, as does the unprecedented easy handling of the product setup. Music has never felt more beautiful – irrespectively of the room it’s listened in.


The target is the way: the navigation in the app works via tap and also by swiping. This means that quick switching amongst the categories is just as feasible as mellow navigation to one’s favourite track or desired setting.


Your favourites are key: with the mini-player, you always have fast access to the track currently being played, regardless of the menu item you're in.

Sound management

Here’s how it’s all, shall we say, controlled: the setup menu is as clear as the sound itself. Highs, mids and lows are operated with the equaliser. Also, there are two ways of adjusting the respective volume – by slide or control based on the classic design of original HiFi systems.

Pure music experience

The music takes centre stage. And this happens wherever Raumfeld loudspeakers are. Not only does the app round off the music experience, it is also an inherent component of it – only with the app, does the user have it consistently in hand.