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SinnerSchrader Swipe


Offering lighting design at the highest level, Occhio is one of the leading providers of lighting systems in the premium segment. With great attention to detail and the latest technology, customers get a completely new spatial experience. It was important to reflect these values in the online experience.

The existing site required a premium rebrush, and needed to feel as if it were tailor made for any device that it is viewed on.


The look-and-feel of the new site is a perfect accompaniment to Occio’s lighting design. Both information architecture and navigation were streamlined and are now much more intuitive. To assist with this a modular content system was developed, which - whatever the content - adapts to any screen resolution and to all devices. In addition we were able to optimize the user experience through interactive elements.


The site was analyzed, revised and brought into line with modern information architecture standards. It features three ways for users to experience it, attracting users with inspiration and intuitive navigation. All content is maintained via CMS.

Product presentation

Each product line is presented in a extensive showcase, displayed using a set of responsive modules. This approach followed a detailed content analysis of the existing material.

Interface Design

Using Sketch to accelerate our workflow, modules were designed and constructed for optimum user experience across all devices, without losing track of the particular requirements of each device.


Drupal Panels were implemented to allow more flexible page layouts. Content and modules can be re-ordered, plus easily and independently edited via a Web Interface that requires no programming knowledge.


Scroll events, animations, and interactive design options were incorporated into the user interface, intensifying the customer experience and optimising the user journey.

With SinnerSchrader Swipe as a reliable and committed partner we're able to implement ever larger web projects, on time and on budget.

Thomas Spirk

Marketing / digital media Occhio