Sneaker Hall Installation
Concept & Design
SinnerSchrader Swipe
Efe Erenler, Lars Holzbrecher


The KaDeWe is a cult shopping destination, especially for tourists and lovers of luxury goods. In the future it needs to cater for Berlin’s sneaker freaks and trend-setting crowd. So how do you combine tradition with fresh interactive content? Simple - add digital to an urban shopping spot, and a lot of buzz.


Everyone loves sneakers! Just check out the #shoefie Instagram trend. Users upload their photos, making their mark on the sneaker scene. A wide range of sneaker brands feature in the 200 square meter Sneaker Hall. A specially designed interactive platform and experimental light installation encourage you to try on sneakers. See how you roll with different digital backgrounds - such as on the skateboard, on the beach, or on a swing.


Smooth animations and a clear iconography are some of the building blocks of an intuitive user interface.


The sneaker Hall is visible from everywhere in the KaDeWe and accessible to all visitors.