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SinnerSchrader, SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader, SinnerSchrader Swipe
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The central question that concerns the financial industry in the digital age is: are local bank branches as we know them still relevant at all? In an environment where competitors have a radical focus on online banking. Where automation is becoming increasingly important. And, to save costs, personal advice for customers tend to take a back seat. Self-service rather than personal contact – this is the credo of digital disruptors. But what does this mean for a traditional hanseatic bank that places personal connections at the very core of its brand? And how can a physical connection to customers be maintained with a digital product?


Our strategic approach was to translate these brand values ​​into a relevant promise for a digital service. The result is the holistic implementation of an innovative, new product: kiekmo. Various applications establish Haspa as a central point of reference in the neighborhood that provides free services extending beyond standard financial services. With a mobile app, a corresponding website and terminals in branches, kiekmo allows customers to rediscover and experience the area where they live. A content platform provides users with hyperlocal editorial content – tailored for their respective neighbourhood. The second part of the concept that extends the digital connection into the physical world are smart lockers: a secure, flexible way to store and share items. The lockers can be used by everyone free of charge, initiating connections and triggering conversations between people in the area.


One table, one goal, one team: Haspa was fully involved in the process from the outset. As a result, it was possible to create solutions quickly and efficiently at every stage, following an agile workflow – as is necessary for projects of such complexity.


“Kiek mo” is a colloquial German phrase that could be translated as ‘Looky here!’ – but there is more to it that mere chitchat: activation, suggestions, local matters! It can also be scaled up given the local link: kiekmo.hamburg. To ensure that the app takes off quickly and shows people it is full of curiosity, navigation skills and love of freedom, there is a constant companion in the form of a seagull.


Hello there! Delightful illustrations and animations reveal to users how useful and easy to operate the lockers are in a visual manner.

App use

A treat for the eyes and the hand: from finding or reserving a locker to sending a code to someone else in the area – semantic transitions and careful prototyping make the app an absolute joy to use and remind of state-of-the-art digital experiences.

Terminal use

Key moments: whether they are used to drop off some shopping or to store something, the lockers can be operated without jumping through hoops – even for those who are not online. People can also use a code to manage the locker of their choice.