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One of the most famous shops in the world, the London-based luxury department store Harrods, publishes the monthly Harrods Magazine for its demanding clientele. The well-established magazine serves as the store’s very own ‘style bible’, with high-class fashion, beauty and lifestyle features.

The digital edition also aims to deliver the premium quality of the store and magazine to all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android).

From design to technology, this is an extremely complex task. How, then, can a contemporary and striking look be united with technical perfection and exclusive interactive content, such as the Harrods make-up studio, for a brand steeped in tradition?

Like all other content, this must be able to be maintained via a CMS to enable individual products and elements to be replaced and updated at any time. This aims to significantly improve, simplify and shorten the production of the digital magazine.


From the initial concept to the finished redesigned digital magazine, the design of the Harrods Magazine has been completely revised and functions responsively, whether on a smartphone or a tablet. The appearance is high-class and modern, clearly structured and decluttered, whilst navigation is user-friendly and easy to follow.

For this, we developed a completely new back end that did not previously exist for digital magazines: modules instead of templates. The system can be converted and composed for the visual bandwidth of all devices. The individual layout elements are designed to be as flexible and user-friendly as possible and adapt smoothly and dynamically to both text and image content for all screen resolutions. The modules form the basis – they are building blocks that are bundled into groups to create a fixed layout.

The focus is on the visual appearance of each page. As a result of this, we opted for a native text format instead of an HTML design. The Harrods Magazine app is therefore the first responsive native app (for iOS and Android) that is maintained via a CMS.


The design looks progressive and elegant – also because the previous typography was modernised and ‘dusted down’. Through the use of various different fonts and freely combinable headline models, a wide range of text design options are available to the content manager.

Native programming

One of the most important criteria in the development process was the creation of an optimal user experience. This also means the native programming of apps in order to guarantee optimal performance. This way, the high expectations of Harrods are also met in visual terms.


All requirements were specified in 370 pages of documentation. This served as the basis for the precise implementation of the concept. Nevertheless, the documentation is also used as a kind of handbook by the content manager.


This represents the nucleus of the new digital Harrods Magazine. In the container, users can find all issues of the magazine, an events section and an overview of the services offered in the London luxury store itself. Products can also be saved in Favourites and bought via a shopping function.


With a range of exclusive topics and trends, the monthly issues represent the heart of the concept. The digital Harrods Magazine now portrays the very essence of the Harrods brand: inherently high-class, stylish and premium.

Make-up Studio

One of the core elements of each issue is the make-up studio. This was completely redrafted, designed and implemented. The result: the products are even easier to test on different faces, they can be shared via social media networks and can even be purchased via the app.

Innovative in so many ways. Concept, design and development. SinnerSchrader Swipe is the perfect partner for us.

Bob Devsi

Head of Digital Design, Harrods