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The Europa-Park is one of Germany’s largest theme parks. The task at hand was to devise and implement an innovative app that would reflect just that. The extensive information was meant to come alive in a playful way – and for both guests and interested parties alike. With over 5 million visitors a year, a broad target group and all the more complex a task. Not least because in the new application over 20 existing backend systems needed to be pooled in a logical way. Therefore what was required was both an expandable structure of highest technical standard as well as maximum user-friendliness.


Workshops with the customer were the foundation. In them, ideas could unfold and be reviewed as to their feasibility. A UX and a UI design came into life that consistently provides every Europa-Park fan with context-relevant information in a contemporary look. And that by means of simple, intuitive navigation. Whether directions on how to get there, ticket purchasing, FriendsFinder or a waiting period display for rides. The set of features will be developed on an ongoing scale in future. But what’s clear even now is: it's a playful atmosphere that marks the app without an overload of information and impressions on the user – but instead one with an inviting quality.

In detail – feed & content

Makes sense: only the essentials were allowed in. To keep the application lean and at the same time efficient, we introduced a policy of no gimmicks. A clear navigation structure is the focus of our app. Lasting context sensitivity for use in the park is the finishing touch.

In detail – map & features

Everything on one map: the site plan informs the user about his whereabouts and the whereabouts of all attractions. These can be selected by filter. The distance to the required ride, the best route and the waiting period are also shown. Technical details and relevant information such as element of fun, minimum age and size can be called up, too.

In detail – FriendFinder

A nice find: the FriendFinder makes sure that nobody loses sight of each other anymore. Invitations via iMessage, Whatsapp and co. can be sent to connect with each another during the visit to the park.

In detail – animation & prototyping

Hand in hand: the development and planned animations were aligned in parallel in the process. Always with the question in mind about what really invigorates the experience. We relied on Principle and After Effects, amongst other software – for everything to run optimally at the end and look great, too.

In detail – workflow

Simplifying complex connections: with the Zeplin tool, a convenient interface between concept, creation, technology and the client was created in the process. Each part of the crew was in the picture and able to take part – this saved time and energy.

In detail – technology & implementation

Flexible and fast: we developed a middleware that decouples Europa Park’s existing backend systems from the app. Speed is also guaranteed by means of an outsourced Varnish Cache – average response times of below 0.1. ms make the app a sprinter.

With SinnerSchrader Swipe, we were able to acquire an excellent partner. The years of experience of the Mobile Studio enabled us to meet our own high standards, but also the requirements of our guests.

Michael Mack

Member of the management Europa-Park Rust