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Do we still need daily newspapers, and if so, which ones? We put this question to Spiegel Online readers, journalists, photographers and graphic designers. Several hundred contributions were posted in the course of the debate, which went on for many weeks. Together with Spiegel we have filtered and sorted all the feedback, and compiled a report on the daily newspaper of the future.


‘Der Abend’ is an iOS / Android app that will give you a digital evening newspaper for the town you live in – an app that will give you a summary of the day’s news as you are travelling home from work. It is a way of keeping up to date every evening and getting an overview of what is coming up the next day. It is a ‘daily newspaper’ that fulfils the role previously played by the local newspaper – the town marketplace.


You can personalise the app. The app can use all the relevant settings that you have already specified on your device. Initialisation is automatic and the stream appears on the app’s start screen straight away.

Start screen

The newspaper has six headings: News, Stories, Opinion, Entertainment, Readers’ forum, Services.


‘News’ is divided into ‘Headlines’, ‘Local’, ‘Germany’, ‘World’ and ‘Sport’. You can also select additional options such as ‘Politics’, ‘Economy’, ‘Culture’, and so on. The overview offers three stories under ‘Headlines’, and you can swipe to see other news.You will also find links to video summaries of the day’s news.


‘Entertainment’ offers you an overview of everything you will need for the evening – TV (with recommendations), cinema (with trailers), theatre (with reviews and image galleries), comic strips, games, and so on.


‘Services’ provides you with all the information you need to make life easier, including restaurants (with reviews), tradesmen, sports facilities, shops (with price comparisons), and so on.

Follow ‘My contacts’

You can choose which of your contacts you would like to follow (with their consent). The app can search your contacts and also your friends and connections on social networks.


Newspaper publishers can customise the app, changing logos and colours to suit their needs.

I have seen the newspaper of the future. It´s called ‘Der Abend’.

Thomas Koch

Media expert