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Concept and Design
SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader Swipe


The business magazine brand eins wanted to bring “Microeconomy”, one of its most popular sections since 2000, to the iPad in a multidimensional way. The section depicts business in the smallest economic unit – people throughout the world.


We developed an app that brings all the 145 articles that have been published so far to the iPad. The app enables readers to travel around the world and learn how people live and work, what they earn and what they dream of: from the night watchman in Burkina Faso to the butcher in Wakendorf in Holstein, Germany.


In landscape format, the world maps can be swiped at will with a finger, enabling all columns on the map to be localised.


Each article can be read in either landscape or portrait format. In landscape format, interviews and statistics are placed next to each other. Each article can be shared using email, Twitter or Facebook.


At the end of every article there are various statistics about the country in question.

Push notification

As soon as an article is available, a message is sent to all users. The red “1” on the app icon points users to the new article. In addition, a pointer appears on the cover of the app.

What could be better than to have a partner who’s professional, keeps their promises – and still has time to come up with really good ideas?

Gabriele Fischer

Editor-in-chief brand eins