Mobile first. If you want to reach people today, being time and place specific is not enough: you need to be everywhere, all the time. And that is exactly where we take your brand, with mobile solutions that are not tied to any one platform or medium.

Efficient for you - and a unique experience for your customers, fans and users. From the first moment of each project, our interdisciplinary team works together to bring you everything from the original idea right through to the digital product. We take your brand into the mobile future. Today.


——— The solution for perhaps the simplest, most efficient, and at the same time most exclusive way of dealing with content.

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The correct solution can only be found by those who understand the problem. Context. Possibilities. Goals. We develop these as required, together with you - or for you, and for your brand, customers, fans and users. This is relevant because in doing so we create the conditions for exactly that: relevance.


The shortest way to your target audience is via their mobile device. They do not engage with any other device in a more lasting, intense, or personal way. This is why we do not simply develop generalised apps or websites - but rather individual solutions that are continually surprising.


Good design is not a matter of taste - it is a strategic necessity. Only a fascinating and functional setting can secure attention for your brand amongst the flood of mobile applications.


Our developers combine all the skills required to work with the current and future technologies of digital applications. We develop for iOS, Android and the web. And tomorrow we will develop for the technologies of the future.


In the end, the success of an application is measured by its actual usage. Convincing you, and ourselves, is not enough – it needs to convince the users. That can only happen if the application actually reaches them. Therefore we develop not only products, but also intelligent marketing strategies for them.

The mobile revolution cannot be held back, but it can be shaped.